Welcome at the web site of company Zeleny Sport s.r.o.


Welcome to the web site of company


Dear shooters from abroad,

please notify, that we are not able to export the firearms (or even bolt, frame, barrel) individual to the person, we can only sell the weapons (or even bolt, frame, barrel) to the licensed company. Please contact your company in your country and ask them, if they are able to import the guns for you. I am sorry, but we have to follow Czech law and rules.

Thank you for your understanding.


Opening hours:

Monday - Friday

7 a.m. - 16 p.m.

(To be sure, that we are here, please contact us per e-mail at first)

 Telephone contact for English and German language: 00420 777 705 103 or 104

Telephone contact for Poland: 00420 777 258 874

The price of transport in the order is valid only within the Czech Republic. The real price is count after receiving the order and sent to you by E-mail with bank details.



Unserer Exklusivvertreter in Deutschland für den Munitionverkauf ist die Firma

SM - Chemnitzer Sportwaffen und Munitionsfabrik GmbH

tel. 0371/418353 oder 0371/429722

e-mail: info@sportwaffen-munition.de










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